CLICKEY E-finder

CLICKEY E-finder

How it works

The CLICKEY E-finder is a small device which ensures you to find everything, everywhere. The device has:

  • A Very powerful GPS which can collect coordinates even in a building
  • A WiFi sniffer with which a location can be calculated based on WIFI routers in the area. This is for tracing in buildings where GPS has insufficient reception
  • A Blue-Tooth module for ultimate tracing up to 1 meter
  • 3-axis motion sensor for motion detection
  • A Rechargeable battery that allows the device to function for up to 3 months.

The E-finder can also communicate data with the cloud via the national KPN LoRa Network and is linked to the smartphone App.


  • Always (real-time) current location
  • Always the most accurate position determination by applying different localization techniques
  • Different alarm programs
  • Can be linked to the control room

Equipped with the so-called BootLoader for automatic software updates.

Technical specifications


Communication chip:

Murata, Semtech SX1272, LoRa 868MHz


STM32L072CZY6 Cortex M0+


  • 3 axis position, movement and acceleration sensor

Localization based on:

  • GPS
  • Blue Tooth
  • Wifi Sniffing
  • LoRa GeoLocation


Chargeable battery

Battery life: 

3+ months when reporting 8 times a day



74 x 32 x 18 mm


55 gram

Water resistance:

only indoor 


0°C to +50°C



Integrated 3 Db

Certificates: Pending

Data access:

·         Clickey Webportal

·         Smartphone App

Interested? The E-finder is now for sale at the Office Center. They can be found both online and in the stores.

Download Datasheet